Sunday, December 10, 2006

MY Painting

I first saw the painting "Autumn Leaves & Laughter" when I was pregnant with Callie ... oh so many years ago. I fell in love with it and anytime I got a chance to see it at a craft fair, you knew I'd be there at least a few times during the visit. The artist is Randy Van Beek and this particular painting just called to me. Even now, so many years later, I love it just as much as the first time I saw it, if not more. I finally decided to "order" it and pay it off over a year. Well, my friend Jerrie, through many lies got me to his studio today where I was SHOCKED to find out that my husband had paid it off as a birthday/Christmas present for me. I think to say I was shocked is even putting it mildly ... it was a truly fantastic surprise ... FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC perhaps! Jerrie, being so prepared, brought her camera to take a picture of me with the painting & with Randy. Yay ... I finally got my painting!!!!! Thanks to all who were involved in the deception (I'll forgive you this time)! :)


Luginbills said...

Look at that. Your picture. I'm sorry for lying...I am done for now (I think).

And, by the way, you are turning into a regular blogger. Not so hard huh?

~Diet Goddess~ said...'s almost like you're a...a...a...a CLICKWHORE too!!! LMAO

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogs! We're so glad you could make it!

Also - CONGRATS on getting that painting!!!! I know how much that meant to you and I'm so glad it is now in your possession.

Go blog some more, girlie!

kiwi-caro said...

Congrats on your lovely painting.