Saturday, December 16, 2006

What to do?

I don't know what is going on in the world but people are being nice to me this year & it's completely throwing me off!!!

First, T pays off my painting and now, our neighbors have brought us a Christmas present. These are newer neighbors of ours who have been completely unfriendly on any possible occasion up until now. It's bizarre. So, do I buy them a gift in return? I think they bought us a traditional box of candy (nothing expensive) but still ... if we don't give them anything in return we look like idiots in the end ... right? I've had suggestions to maybe bake them some cookies but apparently baking isn't on my resume. Hmmm.

Ugh, if only people would continue being, well, NORMAL, then I wouldn't have to worry about how to be nice back! LOL

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Jerrie said...

I know it totally sucks when people are nice to you...You have no idea what to do...Kindness in return is always a good idea. Is kindness on your resume? :}

Maybe you should get some gifts (from the pak & play hehe) wrap 'em and put them under your tree. You said that is what "good" people do...have gifts at hand. You will quickly become Martha if you aren't careful.

I think send a card with a thank you and call it good. Please do not bake them cookies. They may not be nice but you don't want them dead (jk).

(hey, have you noticed my initials are jk-l? so I must always be kidding...jkl...just kidding loser...I like it)