Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nintendo DS ... finally!

Calob has been patiently saving his money for quite some time & waiting until he had enough to buy a Nintendo DS. On Monday we went to any store around that might have them & they were sold out ... EVERYWHERE! That includes online too! We were beyond frustrated. Some places said they would get them in again but they didn't know when & they couldn't hold them. It was basically going to be hit or miss & luck or not in getting one. Today we went to Wal-Mart because Calob's bedroom lamp broke & while we were there I decided we should cruise by the video game department & SURPRISE, there was ONE there. Only one! The salesclerk said she was surprised it was still there. Apparently they received 4 this morning. One was sold this morning, a gentleman bought 2 just before we arrived & we got the final one. I can't tell you how happy Calob is. He was absolutely beaming leaving the store.
Finally ... the wait was definitely worth it!!!

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Jerrie said...

Yea! Finally Calob can join the ranks of DS users. It is all downhill from here! :}

Have fun Calob and play responsibly!