Friday, March 02, 2007

Braces anyone?!? Or maybe an XBox 360!

Calob is officially a metal mouth! Yep, after quite a while with only his Herbst appliance he finally has braces as well. He's doing well so far but we're expecting the pain to kick in anytime. He looks GREAT though! And we know it'll all be worth it in the long run.

Calob's school was having a school fundraiser where the kids were asked to sell magazine subscriptions. There were many different incentives offered. The one that appealed most to Calob was to sell 15 subscriptions by Monday, February 27th. If you make this goal you got to spin the MEGA WHEEL! The least you could win was $10 and the most was $200. Only 1 other student in his grade made this goal & they won $10 after spinning the wheel. On the huge wheel, there was 1 slot with an XBox 360 & unbelievably Calob won it! We were SO shocked!!! Calob called me & was breathless trying to tell me about it. I truly can't believe he won it, especially after seeing the wheel & the chanches of him actually winning it. Today, at lunch, he was presented his XBox 360 and not only did he get the system, they actually bought him the bundle, worth LOTS of money! Way to go Calob and thanks to all who supported him in this goal ... it's quite exciting!


Judy said...

Hey Calob,
Good for you to get the braces...they look great!
AND, congratulations on winning the XBox....good job, WAY TO GO!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

OMG!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! How fun and exciting! Totally worth getting braces, eh? LOL I'm so happy for you on your big win!

Any hint on what the winning lottery numbers might be for Illinois tonight?? Remember, if I win, I can come visit your mother again and that would make her very, very happy I'm sure. 'bout those numbers????

Jerrie said...

Nice looking braces. Enjoy the cup-o-noodles and yogurt! Fun times!