Monday, April 02, 2007

3rd at State!

This past Saturday was the State Destination Imagination tournament in East Wenatchee. Calob's team didn't win but they did take 3rd in the state. He's VERY proud of how well they did & how they worked so well as a team!!! 3 other local teams won their divisions & are headed to the Global Finals! Good luck to all of them. Now for the pictures ...
Calob ready to compete
The team waiting to carry out their props
Calob as "Skipper the Octopus"
Hungry for the peanut butter & jellyfish sandwich
The "Jumbo Shrimp"
Preparing to defeat the Jumbo Shrimp
Take this "swordfish" to defeat it
He's been defeated ... LOOK! Popcorn Shrimp!!!
With their medals & congratulating the 1st place team!!!
Another great year of D.I. comes to an end. Calob loved every minute of it!!!


~Diet Goddess~ said...

Congratulations to Calob and the rest of his team! I think he was the very best octopus EVER, judging by the pics. Apparently they did not call and ask me for my opinion though. Had they done so, he would be celebrating a KING OF THE UNIVERSE-type win. Oh well, 3rd in the whole state of Washington is still pretty darn good.

Way to go!

Jerrie said...

Great Job Calob! Wenatchee will never be the same. May you never (at least not for a long while) be forced to go to that godforsaken (haha) city again!

Judy said...

Way to go Calob!!! Your octopus costume is fact, all the costumes on your team are very cool. I think you should have won FIRST PLACE, but winning third is definitely something to be proud of. You and your team are truly fantastic!!!!