Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Samson is Home!!!

Samson is home from his procedure. He's definitely not himself though. I don't know if it's the week away, the procedure itself or what ... but he just can't seem to find his place yet. There has only been 1 flare-up with any of the cats, and that was with Nalu. Tamara doesn't seem to notice him at all. It's all been VERY interesting. We had no problem getting through the border (shocking) so that was great ... well, other than the 40-minute wait, that is.
As you can see by the picture, they shaved some of his fur & that is where he got his idodine radiation injection. And yes, that's Callie petting him, which is a big no-no ... they have pretty strict instructions for the next 2 weeks. No fun for Samson. Hopefully he'll be feeling just like his old self soon & be back to his funny ways. We sure missed him.


Judy said...

Welcome back, Samson! After a couple of days at home, your life will be back to normal, and you'll be once again fending for yourself with Nalu and Tamara. Happy day!! :)

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Welcome home, Samson! It's so good to have you back where you belong!

No petting? OMG...that would be soooooooo hard!!!

Jerrie said...

Dear Samson,

We are so glad you are home. You need to give your family love - they missed you!