Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenny!

Jenny's birthday was actually October 13th but I wasn't able to take her out to celebrate her special day until yesterday. We ate at Applebee's and even had dessert ... which is definitely my favorite meal. No, not my favorite part of the meal, my favorite meal. he he he
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Here's Jenny w/her wrap
With our desserts ... yummy!

Did I forget to mention which birthday this is for Jenny? Oh, I did, didn't I? (Jenny, if you're reading this, grab a paper bag & take big, deep breaths) lol She turned a whopping 21 ... yep, I know, she looks super young for her age. ☺

Happy 21st Birthday Jenny!!!


~Diet Goddess~ said...

Happy 21st birthday, Jenny! Woo hooo!!!! I recently had my 15th anniversary of turning 23, so it's all good. I love being in my 20s!

Cheryl, why didn't you take her to the place where they put your name on the train and you get a huge sundae that all the kids will eat for you for her birthday? I thought that was the rules up there or something. I thought you had to have your name on the train for your birthday. Or even if it's just your pretend birthday. What's up with that?

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Jenny!!!

You don't look a day over 19½!!!! :o)

Glad you had a great time!

Jerrie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jenny! 21...I don't think I want to do that again (I was pregnant...YIKES)!

What did you have for dessert? Last time I was there they had changed the dessert menu which made me sad. :(

Judy said...

Happy Birthday (belated), Jenny! Sounds like it was a fun lunch at Applebee's to celebrate the big 21!