Friday, October 17, 2008

Soccer, Ballet & Choir ... as per usual!

The past week and a half has been pretty uneventful and I haven't felt like I had anything worthy to blog about. Jerrie says I can just blog about "stuff" ... but other than my kids or my cats, I don't know what else to blog about. I'll work on it though (maybe).
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Last week Callie's team lost another soccer game. I'm not sure why but their team just hasn't been "together" this year. Oh well, they are having fun. We were facing the sun so most of my pictures didn't turn out. I made this one black & white because I really LOVE the look on Callie's face & you can't really see it otherwise.
Do you remember Oskar? If you remember our trip to D.I. Global Finals, he's the boy she was sleeping on the plane with. If you click HERE and scroll to the very last picture you will see it. Anyway, they are going to be dancing together for the next recital ... The Nutcracker! Callie will be playing the part of ... prepare yourself ... CLARA!!! She is SUPER excited!!! We went shopping with Miss Lisa a couple of weeks ago for a dress and we found one that fits the bill. I'm not going to post any pictures of the dress yet though. Here's a few pictures from their first rehearsal together.
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A bow & a curtsy

Callie concentrating ... or not ... lol

Oskar poking Callie ... which she loves! ha

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Calob has been getting up early every morning before school to practice with the high school advanced choir. Shockingly he hasn't complained about the early mornings which shows how much he enjoys it. Unfortunately the 7th & 8th grade choirs at Calob's school didn't happen this year so the choir teacher opted to let him join the advanced choir. I know he's thrilled because he loves to sing and while he gets no credit for this "class" it's good experience for him. There are 3 8th grade boys (including Calob) performing with this choir and they had their first concert last night. It went really well and the choir sounded great.

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Calob in a tie for the first time EVER! Yes, it's a smidge crooked but hey, it is his first time. ☺ Isn't he so handsome?!?

The 3 8th graders ... Gio, Alex & Calob
The advanced choir
Oh so serious!
Calob laughing when the music kept going.


Judy said...

How exciting that Callie will be dancing in the Nutcracker playing the part of Clara and dancing along with Oscar.

And Calob is getting more handsome every year. The guys look cool all dressed up, with ties no less!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Blogger's block, eh? Not that I would know what that's like...

Does Callie realize she's dancing with a BOY?!?!?!?! A BOY!!!!!!!!! WOOT! lol I'm sure this is just a hint of things to come!

And oh la la, Calob! Are the high school girls chasing after him yet? You should totally look in his jeans pockets for love notes when doing laundry. Fun reading, trust me! Of course once you find one, he will probably make sure his pockets are all cleaned out before the pants hit the laundry. I'm just sayin'.

Sharon said...

That is a funny expression on Callie's face!

I didn't realize that Oscar did dancing I thought it was his sister or does she dance too?

Calob looks very nice in his shirt and tie! I will have to come and hear them sing one day!

Angie said...

Yay for Callie and her new role! How cool!

I love that last picture of Calob...that is so like a boy. They have the ability to find the funny things in life more than us "serious" girls can!