Sunday, October 11, 2009

Behind the Times

I'm behind on posting again ... ... but I am going to try to be better. I can't make any promises but I will try ... probably.
Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly ... yummy!
Wind-blown "C" tree
Callie running at her school's jog-a-thon
Terence & Calob running ... a newer thing for Calob. He's trying to get in shape in case he plays soccer for the high school in the spring ... he's run 4 miles without stopping at his longest distance, which is a huge accomplishment for him! Way to go, Calob!!!
My groovy green nails ... love them!
(ignore the cuticles though please)


Sharon said...

Let's see, Callie's running, Calob's running, Terence's runnig ~ where's Cheryl running?

I'm sorry but I still say ewwww to the grilled PB&J!

Groovy nails!!

Jerrie said...

mmm....grilled pb&j...I haven't had that in forever.

Yay for running. That is really cool that Calob has taken it up...if not soccer then maybe track!!! :)

I love the C tree...I wish I had one.

Judy said...

Good job on the running, Calob, and also Callie & Terence.

The grilled pb&j sandwiches look delicious...I've always loved them!

Cool nails!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Why did I not get offered grilled PB&J when I was there? Why? I want to try it, but I'm scared!

Is the C tree just for Cheryl? Calob? Callie? All of you? Let me know if you see an A tree. hee

Way to Calob, Callie, and T on all that running! I once ran 12 inches without stopping. GO ME!

Those nails ARE groovy! Maybe next time I visit, instead of coloring our hair, we should paint our nails instead. ;)