Sunday, January 10, 2010

Salsa ... oh la la!

Callie had a BIG Friday! A while ago, her "special friend" Oskar, asked if she would take a 6-week Salsa class with him. She was SO thrilled & said yes immediately. Friday was their first class. She's been talking about it almost non-stop. Well, little did she know that we (T & I) had also signed her up for a Contemporary class. She's wanted to take it for quite some time but we always told her no, mainly from a financial standpoint. We decided this would be a good time for her to try it. We just forgot to tell her about it. lol As the class got closer, it just never really came up again (she was too excited about her Salsa class to even think about Contemporary) so I decided we just wouldn't tell her ... at all. So on Friday, we left for Salsa super early, with her thinking we were going to the library beforehand. Here's her face when she found out why we actually left so early. (The Contemporary class is right before Salsa, so it's perfect) Needless to say she was THRILLED!!! She's still talking about how excited she is to take the class. Here's Callie stretching at the beginning of class. And that's Makenna you see too. They were the only 2 to show up to the first class.
Then it was time for Salsa class with Oskar.
She was practically vibrating with excitement
... it was SO cute.
Oskar THRILLED I'm taking pictures
Watching the teachers Learning the turn
Learning the crossover
Here are the best pictures of the night (except that Callie is slightly out-of-focus ... my camera is totally focused on Oskar). Callie & Oskar holding hands when they didn't have to ... OMG ... adorable!!!


Sharon said...

Oh, young love!!!

I's so glad Callie is keeping busy with Dance and loving it!!

Jerrie said...

Adorable! :) Two extra dance classes. One with Oskar. She must be in heaven. They look quite serious - fantastic!

Judy said...

Very cute pictures! How fun for Callie to get the dance surprise for contemporary....way to go, Callie!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

I love her face! I can almost see her quivering with excitement in it. And, yes, I do believe that Oskar would have kilt you with a single look in that one picture. My favorite is the last one. Cute! Tell her to hold on to a boy that dances. Mine knows how and is very good at it, but refuses unless fueled by Budweiser. Ugh!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Uhhhh, that would be my HUSBAND. Not one of my children. Just so we're clear. And lest someone thinks we're a couple of lushes, I can't even tell you the last time we were at an event where alcohol was served. LOL