Saturday, January 23, 2010

Who Knew?

Last night our family was invited over to Jenny's house to play games with their family. We eagerly accepted the invitation! Jenny prepared lots of treats & goodies to eat (yay) and we got right to the games. We played Apples to Apples first (remember how much we like this game?) ... there were 9 of us ... SO fun to play with such a big group, several we don't know well at all!!! The 2nd game we played was Guesstures. We had never played before but it was fun. I'm not the best at acting stuff out (it's a fast-paced Charades-type game) but I managed to do ok. It was really fun to see how everyone chose to act ... the adults & the kids. Fun stuff. The last game we played was Whoonu. Haven't heard of it yet? You should definitely give it a try. It's sort of like Apples to Apples but not. You are essentially guessing what you think is someone's favorite thing(s). Sometimes you are right on & sometimes you are way off. Jenny had NO idea how much I enjoyed dog shows. I truly do LOVE dog shows. I don't like dogs in real life (woof, woof ... SCARY) but I love them on T.V. lol Go figure. Either way we had lots of fun & learned a lot about each other.


~Diet Goddess~ said...

That game sounds like fun. I had no idea that you would enjoy dog shows! Or Conan (ewwww, btw). I just can't look at you the same now.

Sharon said...

You're becoming quite the gamer!!!

I did know about the Dog shows ~ you and Bailey are buds in this one!!