Wednesday, June 06, 2012

♥♥♥ Saying Good-Bye to Tamara ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ Tamara ♥♥♥
9/15/1993 - 6/6/2012

Today is truly a sad day in our house as we are saying good-bye to Tamara.  She has been in our lives for the past 18 1/2 years and she has left a mark forever in & on our hearts.  I will admit, throughout the years, she hasn't always been the most friendly cat, to others. BUT she was always my kitty ... even when she didn't love anyone else, she still always loved me.  As she aged, especially in the last 5 years, she became more & more friendly to others, which was nice, especially for the kids.  They've definitely enjoyed getting to know a different side of her ... the side she has always showed to me.
The kids haven't known a life without Tamara.  Soon after Terence & I moved in together we got Tamara from the animal shelter in Lompoc.  We weren't allowed to have pets in our apartment but that wasn't going to keep me from getting her.  She & I hit it off immediately.  We didn't add another cat to our family for about 2 years (Kaipo) and we kept adding from there.  Yet through it all, Tamara is the cat that outlived them all.  Amazing.  She is blind, deaf, arthritic, has dementia and lots of other issues ... and at the end of the day, we don't want her to suffer.

We love her ... I honestly don't know what I'll do when I wake up tomorrow & she's not there.  A life without Tamara is unimaginable to me.  I'm just so heartbroken.


Tamara posing pretty

Sunning herself

Enjoy a catnip toy

Snuggling with my baby

Me & Tamara

All snuggled up to keep warm!

R.I.P. Tamara girl ... life will NEVER be
the same without you!!!  ♥

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Jerrie said...

I can't really leave a proper comment because I'm crying. Tamara was special...I never knew if she was going to love me or hate me. Love to you and the family in this difficult time. <3