Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tamara's time for grooming

Today Tamara went to the vet for her first ever grooming appointment. I'm not big on grooming just because but she had tons of knots/tangles on her belly that I couldn't take care of. She went in nice & early (yawn) to get taken care of.
Tamara before.
Tamara trying to talk me out of it.
Tamara right when she got home. Notice how skinny & scrawny she is. She had her belly shaved, under her chin & around her butt. Poor baby.
This is after a bit of time running around the house. You can also see the bow they put on her ... too funny. She's definitely not a bow girl. :)
Now we just need the other cats to realize that she's not a stranger so they can stop hissing & growling at her (yes, even Nalu is being mean).


Jerrie said...

Poor Tamara...first shaved then alienated...

You are right, not quite a bow girl...doesn't look natural...but what a fun way to torture her (haha).

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Remind me to not let you take me in for "grooming."


Poor, poor kitty cat! But that's too funny that the others don't "recognize" her since she got a shave and a haircut. Of course, it might just be the bow throwing them off... LOL