Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sleepover Madness!!!

For the first time in our lives as parents (and perhaps for the last) we had a double sleepover last night. Why would we do this you ask? Seriously ... why? I HAVE NO IDEA! Calob was participating in an "Age of Empires 2" tournament from 2-8 at school & when he got home ... it was time for a sleepover with Clyde. How Calob made it through such a long day, I have NO idea, but then again, maybe all the video game playing helped a bit (ya think?). Callie's friend Emily came over to play and since she had never spent the night we thought it would be fun to have her spend the night too.
I think the house finally quieted down for good around midnight. Then there were little whispers and tiptoe sounds heard around 6 am (yes, the buttcrack of dawn) and SURPRISE, the girls are awake. I think there might be something wrong with them.
Terence went out early to get donuts ... LOTS of donuts ... LOTS of sprinkles.
I took these pictures this morning. Notice the boys are wearing clothes ... the clothes they wore yesterday & slept in. Weird! At least the girls put on pj's. And notice also, they are ALL playing video games. Thank goodness for video games!!!

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Jerrie said...

Sounds like tooooo much fun! I'm sure the quiet, well-behaved children were a joy and pleasure!