Thursday, April 30, 2009

Padilla Bay Field Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Callie's class went to Padilla Bay for a field trip ... they were studying estuaries in class and got to see them up close & personal on this field trip. It was SUPER cold & windy. I'm not sure we could've had enough layers to actually keep us warm ... but we huddled together & did our best.
- - - - - - - - - -
Callie's group
Anne, Daria, Aranza, Callie & Sara
Callie ready to dig
Digging for treasures
I just love this picture
In one of the learning centers ...
doesn't the look on her face
crack you up? ... lol


~Diet Goddess~ said...

Love the pics! Still cannot believe how much more grown up she looks! Just one question...uh, what's an estuary? We don't have those where I'm from. I'm pretty sure we have laws against them or something.

Sharon said...

I'd love to say "I wish I was there" but I'm thinking that I was happy to be in my nice, warm, dry office!!

Emily had a fantastic day that day and really wants to go back.

Judy said...

That is way too cold and wet for any outing that I would ever go on! It looks like the girls did just fine with it though, and you got some great pics.