Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Just Plain Purple

Halloween this year passed pretty much unnoticed. Calob had NO interest & Callie couldn't decide if she did. One day she wanted to go trick-or-treating ... and then next, she didn't. In the end, she didn't go trick-or-treating. For youth group though, they could dress up if they wanted. Callie wanted to. She wanted to be purple. Purple what, you ask? Just plain purple. Here you go.
Just Callie in an outfit she thought was
especially groovy so she asked me to take a pic.


Judy said...

Wow...Callie in her Halloween purple is so cool!! And I love the other is indeed groovy and she looks great!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

I say the costume for Purple wins! Cute groovy outfit, too.

Nick was the same way with trick or treating this year. We ended up going shopping and it was SO nice because everyone was out Halloweening and we had no crowds to deal with!

Jerrie said...

Purple is such a perfect Callie costume. Love it. Next year I'm going to be black. I can totally pull that off! Inspiration by Callie.

I do like her groovy outfit...cute coat!

Sharon said...

Oh my, now that *is* purple!!!