Thursday, January 07, 2010

Presents for Calob

Calob is 15. When did that happen? I just don't get how so much time has passed in such a short amount of time. Yes, I know that's a weird sentence but it is how I feel. Weird. lol Calob received great gifts for his birthday. Here's the loot.
Hawaii shirts from Grandma Sachi
A Nintendo "Get a Life" shirt &
chocolatey popcorn from Callie
"Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics"
and a Zelda game from us.

He also got a Starbuck's gift card & money for a Wii Points card from Grandma Judy and a Wood's gift card from us. Lucky boy ... he made out well!!! :)


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday (again) Calob!!!

Great gifts!! I think I might see a theme!!!

Judy said...

Lots of birthday loot...way to go, Calob!!! :)

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Feel free to share with Callie that I like chocolatey popcorn and my birthday is April 1. Thank you!