Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Happenings 2008

We woke up Christmas morning to a very white Christmas. We don't have snow on Christmas day typically so it definitely fit the holiday. The kids were especially happy to see the falling snow (Terence & I, not so much).
* * * * * * * * * *
Calob & Callie w/their stockings
new pajama pants & slippers from SantaCallie opening her presents from Grandma Judy
Matching nightgowns for Callie & Kit

Assorted pictures of presents being opened

* * * * * * * * * *

We were invited to eat Christmas dinner with Sharon, Gord & family again this year. My kids love having the traditional feast there because when we celebrate at home we have tri-tip ... not turkey. At some point in the evening I left my camera unattended on Sharon's dining room table. She picked it up & told her parents to act goofy. They definitely did so. To keep my blog PG I added a little something to Sharon's mom's backside ... and NO, she wasn't drunk! lol

Emily took this picture of Callie & me

Close-up of the necklace Callie got for me. Green IS keen!

A group shot of our 2 families at the end of the evening. Remind me next year to take it w/a flash.


Judy said...

The group picture is really good of everyone...what a nice Christmas memento.

Callie has good taste--the necklace is very pretty, and the perfect color for you!

I love the Christmas pics, and how funny to see the pics of Sharon's parents! :)

Jerrie said...

Nice. And I thought kissing T while your camera was unattended was pushing the limit! I guess I was wrong! haha.

I, for one, was THRILLED to wake up to a perfectly white Christmas. Bring it on!

Love the necklace...Callie was so excited to get everyone necklaces!


Angie said...

Love Callie's pj pants! Too cute

I saw the perfect dress for Callie at Burlington Coat Factory - it was a pretty Christmas dress with a matching one for you doll! Love it!

And that is a beautiful necklace!

Sharon said...

I'm sitting out commenting on this Blog post!!!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Ok, when I come back for a visit, I MUST meet Sharon's parent. I think I love them. And Sharon too for having that wonderfully wicked idea! ROCK ON! lol

Merry Two Days After Christmas to you!