Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raspberries & Ruby

I'm a bad mom. I don't buy my kids raspberries! I know, you're gasping in shock right now ... well, get over it! lol I don't buy them because I don't like them. Most fruit I buy, I make sure I like because the kids start eating it & then forget about it & guess who (go ahead & try) gets to eat the rest. They had raspberries at Jenny's house earlier this week & thought they were just fabulous. Jenny invited the kids to come pick fresh raspberries off her bush (or is it a plant?) Thursday & they were THRILLED to do so. I brought small bowls for them because I didn't know how many there were ... the bowls were NOT big enough for the amount the kids wanted to pick. They very much enjoyed the picking process & we're so thankful to Jenny for letting us. And, just so you know, I did try one & raspberries just aren't for me.
(Thanks Jenny!!!)
Andrea & her family went camping this week and asked if Callie would water their plants/veggies and also fishsit Jenna's fish, Ruby. She was MORE than happy to do so. She loved having Ruby sitting on our counter to greet her each morning & to watch her eat all her meals. Who knew that fishsitting would be so satisfying? lol Andrea came to pick up Ruby today & we're all missing her a little. It was fun to watch her swim in circles ... oh the exciting life we do lead!! haha


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Jerrie said...

Did Ruby get in trouble for swimming in circles? The sign very clearly states NO Swimming!

Raspberries are AWESOME!!! Archer eats a flat at a time...lucky he doesn't get sick!

Judy said...

Wow...those raspberries look delicious!!!

Ruby is quite the little fish, and I can't blame her for disobeying the 'no swimming' sign...too cute!

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Wow...I can't believe someone hasn't called child services on you yet. Not buying your children raspberries??? LOL I totally understand, though!

Oddly enough, I was at the store earlier today and I wanted some fruit to snack on, so I was checking out the raspberries. I passed on them because I thought they were too expensive. Can you send me some from the bush/plant?

I'm just going to say that "fishsit" is a very, very interesting word.