Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Callie!!!

My baby girl is 10 - WOW! The time sure does pass quick ... much quicker than I ever could have imagined! I have to say, it makes me sad to see my kids growing up so much. Callie is getting ready to start 5th grade & Calob is starting high school. I don't think I'm ready.
We celebrated her birthday with a party that was hosted by & held at Jennifer's house ... WE LOVE YOU JEN!!! Makenna is Jen's daughter and they were on the same D.I. team this year. Who knew when the D.I. season started that we'd all have bonded so much? I'm SO glad we did though - not many friends would do this for anybody but their own kids!
Catyler, Kelsey, Makenna, Callie, Kaitlyn & Emily
Callie painting her flowerKaitlyn painting her box
Makenna painting away
Emily painting her box pink - her fave color!
Kelsey concentrating on her flower
Catyler not missing the fine details
Kelsey, Kaitlyn, Emily, Makenna, Catyler & Callie
Jen is going to start teaching kids (and moms too) cake decorating & today was a sort of "practice session" and it was hilarious to watch how the girls decorated their cupcakes. They definitely had fun though & Jen and I enjoyed their final creations!
Jen was kind enough to make Callie's cake as well. The cake was GORGEOUS & oh so yummy, according to Callie (I don't eat chocolate cake myself). We brought the extras home and Terence & Calob totally agreed. ☺
Happy Birthday Callie!
The girls are singing to her here
Making sure her hair is out of the way
while blowing out the candles.
Presents Galore
LOVE this picture!
Makenna gave Callie the other 1/2 of her necklace
Flowers and a fat cat
Aunt Donna
A new outfit for Kit ... the reporter dress
from Grandma Judy!
Calob was planning to get Callie a purple Betta fish ... unfortunately, we drove all over B'ham on Thursday & couldn't find a purple one anywhere. So he gave her the bowl, fish food & rocks for the bowl ... and a voucher to pick out the Betta of her choice. lol


~Diet Goddess~ said...

Looks like a fun party! I must say that I think Makenna is a girl after my own heart! I love that she's licking her cupcake!

I will eat all of the chocolate cake that you do not wish to eat. Just send to me. Please. Thank you.

Oh, and I LOVE the script on the cake! That is beautiful and just a bit different from what you normally see. My MIL used to do cakes and it always amazed me at what she could do with frosting. I would have a mess, but she made beautiful creations!

Happy birthday Callie!

Judy said...

Happy Birthday, Callie!! I hope Kit likes her new dress.

The birthday cake is so pretty, and the cupcake making by the girls looks like fun.