Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Recital - 2009

The ballet studio where Callie dances had their winter recital dress rehearsal on Wednesday night. They are having "The Nutcracker" as their production again this year. You might remember last year ... here and here ... when Callie danced the part of Clara (such good memories for her). This year, Callie moved up to Ballet 4 and therefore was unable to dance the part of Clara again. She was SUPER excited to find out she'd be dancing as a rat. Yep, my daughter the rat. If you don't know the story of "The Nutcracker" at all, the rats are ultimately out to get Clara & she is protected by the dolls & eventually saved by "The Nutracker" (danced again by Oskar, Callie's "special" friend). Here are some rat pictures.
That's a doll behind her ... as the rats are circling Clara The other dance she was in was the Spanish dance. (She was in the Russian & Chinese dances last year). It's a short dance (about a minute) but pretty & fun to watch.
Totally blurry but I like this picture.
The color is really good & it shows
her "in motion" ... groovy
So pretty!
Thanks to our friends that came to watch Callie (and others) on dress rehearsal night. Sharon & Emily, Andrea & Kelsey and even Jerrie came this year. Thanks ladies, Callie (and I) very much appreciate the support!


Jerrie said...

...and even Jerrie. It was lovely. Callie is beautiful - I really like the rat costume! :)

Judy said...

Callie's poise and grace are remarkable, whether she's a rat or a Spanish dancer. The rat costumes were so neat, and I love the Spanish outfits...very pretty.

Sharon said...

Thanks for inviting us it was enjoyable as always.

Callie did an awesome job as a Spanish Rat!

And I'm glad that even Jerrie was there too even though I didn't see her until the way out.

~Diet Goddess~ said...

So pretty! I wish that we lived closer together so I could come watch her dance. Would be such a nice change from watching my kids play football...